Our Products

A range of wellness drinks, with 30g of protein, 2-3 portions of fruit and veg, supplemented with specific amino acids to support muscle retention, perfect for people on the go or to top up any meal so you can be sure you are having the right nutrition!
A range of soups that are complete meals. The “Bowl O’ Soups” that are easy to ingest, keep you feeling fuller for longer, have balanced nutrition and are designed around the issues of bone health, muscle building and anti-oxidant status.
“All-day” Desserts that are rich in good-quality protein and amino acids but are also healthy, low in sugar and gluten free so they could be eaten any time of day without the guilt!
We are currently working on a range of main courses which have a range of family favourites and 6 others that change every 6 weeks depending on whats in season!